Nigerian man leaks chat after 6 rejected ladies chase him upon learning of his move to Canada

A Nigerian man recently revealed an interesting turn of events: after relocating to Canada, several women who had previously rejected him suddenly expressed interest in pursuing a relationship with him. He recounted his surprise upon discovering messages from six women who had turned him down before. In these messages, the women expressed regret for not accepting his advances earlier and even blamed him for not applying enough pressure when asking them out in Nigeria. One woman, for instance, cited distance as a reason for rejecting a long-distance relationship within Nigeria but now claimed readiness for such a commitment. The man humorously noted the sudden change in attitude, with the women now eager to connect despite their earlier reservations.

Responding to the post, various commentators weighed in on their experiences and observations regarding relationships in Nigeria. Yemi remarked on the differences between relationships in Nigeria and those outside the country, suggesting that many Nigerian women may prioritize financial stability over genuine affection. Prince Adebayo echoed this sentiment, suggesting that many women seek partners who can provide financial support and stability. Dnpassion added a tribal perspective, suggesting that women from certain tribes may be particularly inclined towards partners who demonstrate potential for success. Overall, the post sparked a discussion about the complexities of relationships and societal expectations in Nigeria.

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