Pregnant woman seeks advice after mother-in-law accuses her of theft on first meeting

A pregnant lady seeks advice following an encounter with her mother-in-law who accused her of theft on the first day of meeting her.

In an anonymous post shared by an X influencer identified as @Wizarab10, the lady narrated how meeting with her in-laws became a disaster.

According to the embattled pregnant lady, her mother-in-law accused her of stealing jewellery while the duo were in the kitchen cooking.

This led to a heated argument and an assault from her partner that landed her in the hospital only for the said jewellery to be found in the in-laws’ pocket.

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How my mother-in-law accused me of theft on first day


“I got engaged last month. Me and my fiancé went to meet his family. I wanted to help out in the kitchen, so the mum said I should go get meat from the fridge. We both left the kitchen only for the mum to start shouting my name, asking where her ring and bracelet were that she left before I went to get the meat.

“I told her it might be in her pocket. She said no and started calling me all sorts of names. Then my fiancé interfered. His mum and I started arguing again, and she kept saying I took it. Before I could say another word, it was a slap from my fiancé, saying I should not shout at his mum.

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“If his mum said I took it, then I did. Sir, I was so shocked. I was about to leave the scene when he then drew me back and slapped me again. This time I fell, hit my head, and was bleeding, so I removed the ring he gave me and threw it on him and left for a clinic. I got a few stitches.

“They later found the ring in the mum’s pocket, and she said she kept it when she wanted to cook. She called and apologized the second day, saying she was being petty and didn’t know her son would take it to the extent of slapping me.

“It has been a month now that he has been apologizing without me replying, but I just found out I’m pregnant. What should I do, please? What if it’ll be more than a slap in the future? Please help.”

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